Owner/Developer Services





In addition to the services outlined under Design Team Services, Illumination Arts provides a separate line of services specific to the needs of owners and developers of existing structures.


Illumination Arts' Owner and Developer Services provide targeted lighting design services to evaluate your existing lighting installation and assist you in developing strategies for improving your lighting while reducing your energy consumption.


A typical project might include the following services:


  • Conduct a telephone interview with the facility representative to determine the owner’s lighting goals and concerns.


  • With an understanding of the needs of the owner and end users, visit the site and evaluate the existing lighting with regard to light source, wattage, luminaire type, layout and architectural requirements of the space.


  • Research alternative luminaire selections, conduct typical electric lighting calculations, and prepare typical lighting layouts.


  • Provide a written report with recommendations for lighting changes, supplemented by typical layouts, catalog cuts of proposed luminaires and a written description of the expected results in terms of Lighting Power Density reductions (watts per square foot) and improved visual quality.


  • Other services may include computer-generated daylight studies or lighting control recommendations, such as vacancy/occupancy sensors, daylight-responsive controls, dimming and switching.

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