Lowry Avenue Bridge





The replacement of a beloved local bridge required a sensitive solution that could galvanize and excite the community, the owner, and other stakeholders. Illumination Arts worked with the design team to develop a lighting solution that illuminates this twin basket handle arch bridge with color-changing LED lighting.  A custom-designed valance at the top of the arch ribs contains and obscures the view to the lighting fixtures.  Static and kinetic lighting programs have been developed by the owner to celebrate a variety of events and holidays.  On the pedestrian path, overlooks at the base of the arch ribs are illuminated with LED steplights mounted in the vertical support rails along the path, allowing an unobstructed view out to the river.  Minnesota Public Radio described “the splendor of the Lowry Avenue Bridge” as a source of great civic pride for Hennepin County.  Residents of the local community and the Twin Cities alike have embraced the new Lowry Avenue Bridge as another illuminated urban icon.


Project Details



Minneapolis, MN


Engineering Team:

T.Y. Lin International/SRF Consulting


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