Design Team Services





Structured specifically for the needs of a new construction or renovation project, Illumination Arts' Design Team Services are intended to provide the full array of necessary design services to assure the successful design, specification and installation of a beautiful, complete and sustainable lighting solution.


Lighting Design:


  • Developing lighting concepts and bringing them to fruition is part of a process that begins with an understanding of the unique requirements of each project and includes a collaborative and respectful working relationship with the entire design team. Illumination Arts provides full design services from Design Development through Construction Administration to ensure the successful completion of a project




  • “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Oftentimes, a lighting design can’t be as easily explained in words as it can in renderings or other types of visualizations.  Illumination Arts can collaborate with the design team to produce renderings of illuminated spaces or nighttime renderings of buildings and structures.




  • An architectural lighting design should not only be aesthetically pleasing, it must also satisfy the needs of individuals who occupy the space.  By performing computer aided calculations, Illumination Arts verifies a project's proposed design to assure that both the aesthetic and functional needs of the users are being met.


Luminaire Design:


  • On occasion, the luminaires that are available “off-the-shelf” don’t satisfy the design need for a given space. Illumination Arts can work with the design team and manufacturers to develop a modified or custom luminaire that meets both the aesthetic and practical requirements of the project.




  • Every project we design is approached with an eye to energy efficiency and environmentally responsible choices.  Principals Faith Baum and Ken Douglas are both LEED Accredited Professionals.  Their oversight of every project pursuing LEED status ensures that you achieve the lighting-related points you need to achieve LEED certification.


Public Design Workshops:


  • Most public projects and a growing number of private projects need community approval and participation.  Illumination Arts has a great deal of experience speaking and working with such groups to help achieve consensus so that all participants feel that the final design is appropriate for the context of the site and serves the needs of the community.


Context Sensitive Design:


  • Understanding the context of a project is critical to the successful design of that project. Context can be defined in environmental, aesthetic, cultural, geographic or political terms (to name a few), and most projects fall into more than one of those categories. Designing a lighting system that is context sensitive means addressing each of these in a way that results in a unique and appropriate solution.  Illumination Arts understands the many ways in which context can impact the needs of a project, and will ensure that the lighting solutions are appropriate in every way.


Site Visits, Aiming and Programming:


  • The design of any building, structure or space must be evaluated as the installation progresses to ensure that the final product is as it was intended.  Illumination Arts staff will visit the site over the course of construction and provide valuable input to help achieve that intent.  In addition, Illumination Arts staff will supervise on-site personnel in the focusing of any interior or exterior adjustable lighting and will work with manufacturers, the owner and end users to program lighting control systems.

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